10 yrs. Bay G (1071 days since last race)

Teofilo (IRE) - No Quest (IRE) by Rainbow Quest (USA)

HRH Sultan Ahmad Shah

Epona Bloodstock Ltd

Trainer: Roger Charlton

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
25/03/2017 Mey Turf S G2 3200 03:22:52 57.5 6 Spencer J 9 14 Vazirabad (FR) 117 Trckd ldrs til wknd fnl 600m
15/10/2016 Asc Turf G G2 3200 03:31:50 60.5 6 Baker G 2 0.5 Sheikhzayedroad (GB) 118 T.k.h, trckd ldr, shkn up to chal 400m out, upsides fnl 200m but wnr went past, styd on
01/10/2016 Cha Turf F G1 4100 04:23:57 58 8 Baker G 1 Nk Vazirabad (FR) Hld up in fnl trio, lst at hwy, hdwy 500m out, rdn and styd on wl appr fnl 200m, gradually gain on ldr, led lst 50yds, all out
09/09/2016 Don Turf G G2 3600 03:52:90 58.5 7 Baker G 2 Ns Sheikhzayedroad (GB) 114 Led and sn clr, pushed along ov 400m out, rdn ov 200m out, jnd ent fnl 200m, sn drvn and k.o. gamely, hdd on line
19/08/2016 Yor Turf GF G2 3300 03:32:50 58.5 7 Baker G 1 3.5 Pallasator (GB) 111 Mde all and sn clr, pushed along and qcknd over 600m out, rdn and qcknd 400m out, drvn ent fnl 200m, k.o. strngly twrds fin
28/07/2016 Gwo Turf GF G2 3200 03:24:90 61 2 Baker G 6 3.5 Big Orange (GB) 109 Hld up in midfield, clsd over 600m out, rdn and unable qck over 200m, k.o. sme pce ins fnl 200m
09/07/2016 Yor Turf G Listed 2800 02:57:90 60 7 Makin P 3 4 Pamona (IRE) 109 Trckd ldrs, hdwy over 600m out, cl up over 400m out, rdn wl over 200m out, drvn and k.o. sme pce ins fnl 200m
21/05/2016 Yor Turf G Listed 2800 03:00:00 57 5 Spencer J 2 0.75 Moonrise Landing (IRE) 109 Trckd ldrs, smooth hdwy over 600m out, sn cl up, led 400m out, rdn and edged rt ent fnl 200m, sn hdd and drvn, no ex
03/11/2015 Fle Turf G G1 3200 03:23:15 53.5 21 Lane D 9 3 Prince Of Penzance (NZ) Sn led and set stdy pce, hdd aft 400m and remained prominent, chsd ldrs from ov 400m out, k.o. at sme pce ins fnl 200m
21/10/2015 Gee Turf G G3 2400 02:28:90 59 15 Berry T 16 7.25 Almoonqith (USA) Brk wl, sttled mid field, gradual prog to sttle bhnd ldr, mvd to chal 400m out, hrd rdn ins 400m but no ex, easd and dropped awy ins fnl 200m
30/07/2015 Gwo Turf G G2 3200 03:24:80 61 6 Baker G 2 Nk Big Orange (GB) 109 Chsd ldng pair, rdn and effrt 400m out, clsd to chal over 200m out, drvn to ld 200m out, hdd ins fnl 200m, k.o. wl u.p., hld twrds fin
27/06/2015 Ncs Turf G Hert Hcp 3200 03:26:50 59 3 Baker G 1 1.25 Max Dynamite (FR) 104 Hld up in tch on ins, smooth hdwy to ld over 200m out, rdn, edgd lft ins fnl 200m, styd on wl
23/05/2015 Gwo Turf G 0-105 2800 03:03:30 59 3 Fortune J 1 0.5 Oasis Fantasy (IRE) 96 Chsd ldr, pushed along and clsd over 400m out, rdn to ld 200m out, drvn and hld on wl ins fnl 200m, drvn out
03/05/2015 Nmk Turf GF 0-105 2400 02:29:00 56 15 Doyle J 2 Hd Astronereus (IRE) 90 T.k.h, led after 400m, rdn and hdd 400m out, kpt on u.p and stl ev ch fnl 200m, battled gamily and clsd on wnr cls hme
03/10/2014 Asc Turf G 0-95 3200 03:33:30 63.5 1 Baker G 1 Hd Fire Fighter (IRE) 87 Trckd ldng pair, chal on inner 400m out, edgd lft over 200m out, led ins fnl 200m, sn hard prssd, hld on wl
06/09/2014 Hdo Turf G 0-105 2800 03:01:90 56 3 Smullen P 12 9.5 Nautilus (GB) 88 Prom, rdn over 400m out, wknd over 200m out
20/08/2014 Yor Turf GF 0-100 3300 03:33:60 55 10 Doyle J 2 0.5 Edge of Sanity (IRE) 85 Trckd ldrs, t.k.h, effrt and hung lft over 400m out, drvn and upsides ins fnl 200m, no ex
31/07/2014 Fls Turf GF 0-90 2400 02:38:60 60.5 1 Baker G 2 2 Warrior of Light (IRE) 83 Trckd wnr, relegated to 3rd over 1000m out, wnt 2nd again over 400m out, styd on but alwys hld
10/07/2014 Don Turf G 0-85 2400 02:37:30 61.5 5 Dobbs P 1 0.75 Mr Gallivanter (IRE) 80 Trckd ldrs, hdwy to trck ldr after 800m, cl up over 400m out, rdn to ld wl ov 200m out, edged lft ins fnl 200m, drvn out
14/04/2014 Wnd Turf G 0-85 2300 02:24:30 57.5 9 Doyle J 3 4.5 Christopher Wren 80 Dwlt, hld up in last pair and wl off the pce, prog 600m out, trckd ldrs 400m out and waiting for rm, chal 200m out and badly hmprd, stayd on to take 3rd last strides
30/10/2013 Kmp AW S 0-85 2200 02:19:40 59.5 2 Baker G 3 2.75 Jazz Master (GB) 80 Hld up in 5th, waiting for room over 400m out, nt qckn wl over 200m out, prog to take 3rd ins fnl 200m, hung lft but styd on
14/09/2013 Bat Turf G 0-90 2300 02:32:70 53.5 3 Gannon C 3 2.5 Evangelist (GB) 80 T.k.h, chsd ldrs, rdn along 600m out, wnt 3rd over 200m out, kpt on sme pce
03/09/2013 Lei Turf GF 0-75 2400 02:31:50 58 1 Baker G 1 Nk Lisa's Legacy (GB) 72 Hld up in tch, lost pl 1400m out, hdwy u.p and hung rt fr over 200m out, styd on to ld nr fin
07/08/2013 Kmp AW S 0-85 1600 01:38:40 55 1 Doyle J 7 2.25 Bartack (IRE) 72 In rr, rdn and hdwy over 400m out, sn one pce, styd on again ins fnl 200m
22/07/2013 Wnd Turf GF 0-75 1700 01:40:90 56.5 8 Drowne S 1 Hd Aint Got A Scooby (IRE) 68 Awkward leaving stalls, in tch in last quartet, nt clr run and switchd lft ov 200m out, strng run u.p. cls hme, ran green
01/07/2013 Wnd Turf GF Maid 1700 01:45:10 59.5 6 Doyle J 4 9.5 Magistral (GB) Hld up in 5th, pushed along 600m out, wnt 4th 400m out, no imp after, knocked about and fdd fnl 200m
14/11/2012 Kmp AW S Maid 1400 01:26:90 58.5 2 Baker G 4 3 Horsted Keynes (FR) Chsd ldrs, rdn 400m out, styd on same pce appr fnl 200m
26/10/2012 Nbu Turf H Maid 1600 01:46:40 58.5 9 Doyle J 10 13.5 Mombasa (GB) Rdn and green over 400m out, awlys in rr
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