8 yrs. Bay G (965 days since last race)

SHAMARDAL (USA) - Mania (IRE) by Danehill (USA)

Fashion Syndicate

Bearstone Stud

Trainer: Caspar Fownes

Official Rating

Date Course Track Surface Track Condition Race Type Distance Time Weight Carried Gate Jockey Finished Position Margin Horse OR Race Comment
26/03/2016 Mey Dirt F G1 1200 01:10:59 57 5 Dettori L 8 15.5 Muarrab (GB) 112 S.i.s., nvr bttr than mid-div
24/02/2016 Hv Turf G Hcp 1200 01:09:87 60.5 3 Purton Z 1 2 Mr Genuine (IRE) NOR Slotted into box seat aft deciding against to lead, remained prom til found ex at 100m to finish off for the win
31/01/2016 Sha Turf G G1 (HK) 1200 01:08:36 57 7 Fourie R 11 9.5 Aerovelocity (NZ) NOR Hrd rdn fr outside draw to lead passing 950m before crossing to fence, overtaken shortly aft straightening & fdd
17/01/2016 Sha AW W Hcp 1200 01:08:07 57 12 Wong H 5 4.5 Master Kochanwong (AUS) NOR Pshd forward fr wide gate, racing three-wide 1L bhnd ldr without cover, kept wide around turn, tightened 150m when giving ground
01/01/2016 Sha Turf G G3 (HK) 1000 00:56:00 57.5 6 Ho C 7 4.75 Not Listenin'Tome (AUS) NOR In mid-div early, shuffled back to last passing hlfwy, ran past wl btn horses only ov fnl 300m, nvr reached contention
01/10/2015 Sha Turf G G3 (HK) 1400 01:21:17 56.5 6 Prebble B 14 9 Contentment (AUS) NOR Began wl but hld three-wide to 800m when shifted in to find cover, urged forward top of strght but hung out & failed to respond, fdd
06/09/2015 Sha Turf G Hcp 1200 01:08:76 57.5 9 Callan N 9 5 I'm In Charge (AUS) NOR Hard rdn forward to take the fence & led, k.o. til fnl 250m wknd
31/05/2015 Sha Turf GF G3 (HK) 1200 01:08:47 58.5 12 Ho C 5 4 Not Listenin'Tome (AUS) NOR Pressed forward fr outside draw, racing wide about 1.5L fr ldr at turn, urged forward on straightening, led momentarily passing 200m, then inconvenienced whn passed & not rdn out
16/05/2015 Sha Dirt W Hcp 1200 01:07:45 56 8 Wong H 1 1.25 Exciting Dream (GB) NOR Began wl, & pshd forward early to steal an easy lead, dictated pce, & set qck sectionals, was 3 lengths clr mid strght, before wknng slightly, but was too far clr to be caught
07/04/2015 Sha Turf GF G3 (HK) 1000 00:55:00 56.5 11 Suborics A 13 9.75 Rad (AUS) NOR Rdn to hold forward position, settling ins but 1L bhnd ldr, styd in contention to 400m whn gave ground steadily
01/02/2015 Sha Turf GF Hcp 1200 01:08:65 60.5 5 Prebble B 9 6.75 Key Witness (AUS) NOR Pressed forward to ld on settling, travelling keenly into & around turn, found nothing whn put u.p. 400m & gave ground grad
17/12/2014 Hv Turf GF Hcp 1200 01:09:10 55.5 1 Purton Z 1 1 Tour de Force (AUS) NOR Jmpd w field, rdn along early to hold fence bhnd ldr, temporarily pocketed turning for home, swtchd off fence 300m for clr running & powered home for smart win
26/11/2014 Hv Turf GF Hcp 1200 01:09:36 57.5 3 Purton Z 1 2.25 Best Eleven (AUS) NOR Pressed forward fr ins draw to lead on settling, set qck quarters to strght, kckd clr 350m, nvr chal
02/11/2014 Sha Dirt G Hcp 1200 01:07:96 53 2 Ho C 2 Ns Exciting Dream (GB) NOR Began wl, racing w ldrs before taking hold & settling 3rd, brushed running rail 700m, n.c.r. til aft 200m, burst through but caught on line
10/08/2014 Sha Dirt G Hcp 1200 01:08:31 54 5 Ho C 1 1.75 Turin Pearl (USA) NOR Soon led & dictated the pce, enjoyed an uncontested lead, had 2Ls in hand & plenty in reserves going into 200m, won comf
06/07/2014 Sha Turf GF Hcp 1200 01:08:88 60.5 3 Purton Z 2 0.5 Smart Forward (AUS) NOR Pressed forward to lead on settling, harassed by another fr 900m to 700m, kckd clr ent straight, k.o. wl while hanging in, run down fnl strides
25/06/2014 Sha Dirt G Hcp 1200 01:09:58 60.5 12 Prebble B 3 2.75 Great Sky (AUS) NOR Hrd rdn to share lead 2 wide, favoured by the pce biased trck, r.o. wl to the line for 3rd
05/06/2014 Hv Turf GF Hcp 1200 01:09:40 60.5 10 Purton Z 11 7.5 Hawthorne (GB) NOR Broke wl, caught 3 wide no cover & sttld handy, shkn up in 4th fnl turn, found little & wknd, eased late whn btn
14/05/2014 Hv Turf G Hcp 1200 01:09:48 55.5 2 Purton Z 1 3.5 New Deerfield (GB) NOR Began fairly, mustered, cut to rail to grab box seat, styd on rail turning for home, shot through to hit front 300m, cleared away to effortless win
26/01/2014 Sha Turf GF Hcp 1200 01:09:74 55.5 14 Mosse G 11 9.75 Precision King (NZ) NOR Pressed forward fr outside draw & took first turn 6-wide, taken out further 900m, continued to press forward, 3rd into strght, tired qckly fr 350m
19/01/2014 Sha Turf G Hcp 1200 01:09:43 55.5 12 Mosse G 3 1.75 Smart Forward (AUS) NOR Fast strt wide, caught 3 deep no cover, rolled to lead 800m, edged to rail 500m, drvn 350m, hdd 200m, boxed on one pce
29/12/2013 Sha Turf GF Hcp 1400 01:21:62 55.5 6 Rispoli U 4 6.5 Luger (AUS) NOR Fast break & soon led on rail, extended 2L clr out of backstretch, shkn up 350m, found nothing & hdd 250m, fdd
11/12/2013 Hv Turf GF Hcp 1200 01:09:90 60.5 7 Mosse G 1 2.75 Joy Together (NZ) NOR Pshd to take rail & led by 1L at soft sectionals, nvr being chal
04/12/2013 Hv Turf GF Hcp 1200 01:10:51 60 12 Purton Z 7 2.5 Yeung Sing (NZ) NOR Began only fairly, then rdn forward to take the fence & led 800m at fast sectionals, wknd badly 100m
01/07/2013 Sha Turf G Hcp 1400 01:22:63 58.5 5 Purton Z 3 1 Luger (AUS) NOR Showed good early speed, shared lead early stages, qcknd things up home turn, k.o. wl whn drvn 300m, caught by first two 100m out, wl clr fr rest
12/06/2013 Sha Turf G Cond 1200 01:09:74 57 3 Purton Z 2 0.5 Golden Deer (GB) NOR Nvr far off, soon came to chal upon straightening hitting front about 150m out, only to be caught close to home
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